A selection of my previous writing, some hailing back many years, are avaliable on the website Young Writers Society, which caters to younger writers. It is one of the sites where I got more comfortable with my writing, and grew. I go by the nick ‘birk’ on site, and I spent several years derping about as a moderator.

Keep in mind, due to a slightly older build, works are not viewable from profiles unless you’re already a registered member. Not that I believe this will be a problem. There’s a big chance I’ll post whatever shorts I have on this blog over time, and whoever reads this now is very early for the party. Thanks though. Have punch.

Portfolio Excerpts

Also, so as to learn from my mistakes, I have never edited any of my pieces, instead taking in what feedback and criticism I received into whatever I write next. Looking over what is there, I hope my writing has improved over the years.