Late night scribbles

I write mostly at night. Always have. Creativity…there’s a roughness to calling it up during the day. A lot of this probably has to do with me having worked the night shift at my job for six years now, leaving me to come home fully awake, yet still having that tired feeling in my bones. Somehow it leads to creativity.

It doesn’t go smooth like clockwork though. Which is a shame, but what are you gonna do? I’ll get sidetracked by things, thoughts, ideas.

I backlogged a lot of my scribbles for AA tonight. Reading through all the ideas I’ve had, and seeing whether or not they made it into the first draft of my manuscript, or seeing how much they’ve changed over time.

At one point, this was from last year I don’t know exactly when, I wrote down the line; ‘Trump’s gonna be doing an overhaul on the Penske file.’ And I had a real good laugh, because I don’t remember writing this, and why would I write it in my notes? And wow, it’s definitely me who wrote it, for I found myself agreeing so much with my former self. It’s exactly what he’d do, and he arguably has, right? There kind of seems to be a lot of wacky talk and not much else. Save for firing people, of course.

Anyway, I actually have to go work on my Penske file.

New pair of shoes

I do some artwork on shoes occasionally. I began doing that roughly 5 years ago? Wanted some cool shoes with Daryl from The Walking Dead on them, figured I’d make them myself and voila; now I work over shoes periodically.

Several I’ve made just for me, one pair of work shoes for Christian, and the remainder have been commissions from others.

Finished a pair recently for someone, and they turned out pretty alright. They wanted their dogs to pride their shoes, so it ended up being this:

These people apparently are big dog lovers (who isn’t tho?), cause I’ve received more request for dogs already just based on these. So don’t balk at contacting me for works, whether they’re doggo related or otherwise.

And another thing!

Actually, now that she’s brought up Tim Minchin, I’d like to do the same.

I knew of him, back when he first popped up, but didn’t really check him out. Became a fan due to Pheebs though. Anyhow, the reason why I wanna bring him up again is because of another thing she’s brought to my attention, even if it took me a while to realize it.

I thought the only way to better days was through tomorrow

I’ve heard this in the background in the apartment every now and then lately, and I presumed it was just some new Minchin song. Didn’t really pay any mind to it. Now, however, I’ve learned that while it is a new song of his, it’s a song he’s done for another musical he’s created: Groundhog Day The Musical!

First off, this is better than last time. He’s made a musical adaption before and that was Matilda. Not really my slice of bread. This is though. Despite the fact that either Groundhog Day or Matilda seems clear cut for musical adaptions (why would there be?) it still works, because it’s damn good. At least what I’ve seen of it. If only they’d tour.

Anyhow, the above quoted line is from the chorus, and it really resonates with me. It sounds really good. And now that I’ve learned it is based on the film, and the song is from the point of view of Bill Murray? That is just perfect. Stuck in my head. All day. Along with new Depeche Mode songs. (or song)

Here’s the song. It’s the final endpiece of the musical, and it’s very good. I’m sure the actors do the material justice, but this one’s Tim’s performance at some Awards show. Ignore the presenter who reminds me of a Norwegian Tv anchor. I think he retired. Miss that guy.

See? This is pretty golden, you have to admit.


Tim Minchin

Tim Minchin is pretty cool. Fun guy. Needs a haircut. (okay not really, I love his hair)

Anywho, got another oldie up my sleeve. I really like this painting, for it’s the first time I tried my hand at oil painting instead of acrylic. I think it turned out pretty alright. Since this, I have mainly stuck to oil painting. Fell in love with it, and it seems like it’s what I was always meant to use.

It’s another one from 2013, and it’s based on an image. As you can probably guess it is a painting of Tim. Hopefully he’ll model nude for me one day Christian don’t read this





The Dark Tower

So, the Dark Tower trailer came out today. Finally, I should say.

The Dark Tower adaption has been doing this dance for a while. Ever since before I came to love it, the adaption of the books have been in development hell, gaining momentum here and there, before finally dying out. This time, it actually came to fruition. And…well.

I’m not impressed. I should start off by saying I had very little faith in this project, its writers, or its relatively unknown director. I do like Matthew McConaughey and think he’s a good fit for Flagg. Idris, on the other hand, eh, he’s okay. I’ve warmed up to him. It would be hard for anyone, really, to step into these shoes. Ever since I began reading the books, I’ve envisioned circa 1997 Pete Postlethwaite as Roland, and sadly he has passed on.

Obviously, I don’t like that they’re not following the books. And now that this trailer has dropped, after being moved further and further back, it really doesn’t look good. Everything I’ve come to love about the Dark Tower is almost absent here. It honesly feels like an action film set in NY. This is not good.

Hopefully I’m wrong? Maybe it is good, and I just can’t wrap my head around all these changes. I still think it sucks, and in my mind, I won’t get my Dark Tower adaption for quite a while. I think there’s big chances this one will fail, and I’ll have to wait even longer before somebody comes along again and tries to adapt in once more.

The gun-reloading here is also putting me off. Isn’t it silly? Is it only me?

Anyway, that’s all from me.

Long days and pleasant nights, folks.

An oldie

She’ll probably upload another work tomorrow.

Well, that was a goof.

Anyway, here’s one of my older paintings. This one is from all the way back in 2013. I do try to title all my works, and this one is called ‘Conscience’.

It deals a lot with how I’ll attain a guilty conscience, and how I feel towards everything and everyone during those moments. I both like and dislike my older works. On one hand, they look rougher, but on the other hand it shows how much I’ve improved. I’ll upload a more recent piece soon, to illustate my point.

Oh, also, he did not mention this, but that drawing of a mouse in the previous entry? I did that, sure, but really hastily. You know those times…when your boyfriend casually tells you to draw mice for reasons unknown, and you’re unsure if he’s serious or not, so you draw up a quick one anyway? This was one of those moments.

Anyway, here’s an oldie. Classic, really.


End of April post

That’s right. A post to annouce the end of April. I’m singlehandedly bringing on the arrival of May.

No, of course not. One thing I am doing though, is realizing how fast days go by. We sort of agreed to aim for at least a post every three days, cause our lives are just that interesting, but here we are, four days later, and here’s a new post. Not that it’s fantastically interesting, but there’s a big surprise as the end, so it’s totally worth it.

Writing has been slow lately. Earlier, I have produced more than 10k a week, though this didn’t happen as often as would be awesome. Still, things have gone smoother. I do admit I’ve been spending my free time otherwise lately. Outside of work, I’ve been rather caught up in Darkest Dungeon, which is a really addictive game I recently stumbled upon. If you’ve heard of it, it is quite brutal, and I regret naming my characters after characters in my novel. For they all died rather horribly. Save for one character, who’s still hanging in there.

Phoebe has begun working more, and her time is more limited, though she’s still finding time to work on her art. She’ll probably upload another work tomorrow. That is, if I decide to usher in May at all. (I will. It is the month of Norway’s national day after all. The 17th btw, don’t forget)

Also, look:


It’s a mouse. Reading a book. Wearing tiny glasses.

Also, that was the big surprise.


Alien Day!

Wow, my levels of gushing certainly have a way of timing everything just correctly. My excitement for the upcoming Alien: Covenant film has been brewing for quite a while now, from the point those trailers started dropping and I let go of my disappoinment of it apparently veering away from its Prometheus storyline.

As more and more has been unveiled, however, it may not have strayed too far. Which is good. Anyway, as my anticipation for this film reaches its zenith, which isn’t really now, there’s still three weeks to go, I find myself wanting to post about it. AND LO AND BEHOLD…it happens to be April 26th, which is gaining more status as the official ‘Alien’ day. So that was a neat coincidence.

Ridders is my favorite film director, and he returns to his origins in this movie. Everything I’ve seen of this film so far, and let’s face it they’ve almost showcased their entire film at this point, it’s looking very solid. I like the plot they’re going with, and how they’re tying it into Prometheus. My only complaint so far is the lack of Shaw. One of the things Prometheus managed to excel in, it was creating a strong character I could get behind, just like I could with Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley. Shaw is not front and center now. And we don’t really know what’s up with her, or if she’s still around. See? There’s so many questions! What’s up with David?? He’s such a douche! I think.

I’ve actually come to the conclusion that I’ve never been more excited for a film release before. Alien is my favorite film franchise, something I realized when Prometheus came out in 2012. It took the reins from the Middle Earth franchise, which is coincidentally the last time I was genuinely this excited for a film, when The Hobbit came out in 2012.

A large part of why Alien trumps the Middle Earth franchise is because I view it as somewhat done. Maybe someone will try to do The Silmarillion or something in many, many years, but done for me. Alien on the other hand though…I can get Alien goodness for the rest of my life.

Alien: Covenant also has something really amazing. It has what I believe is the greatest teaser trailer of all time:

I don’t know exactly what it is about these select few, yet gorgeous shots combined with the musical stylings of John Denver, but it really resonates with me. Also, look! Danny McBride is there. I usually know most actors from one select role, and though it’s not here yet, prepare yourself Dan, cause you’ll probably be Tennessee for me for the rest of my life.

Happy Alien Day, folks!

Book Cover!

Or, I should rather say, interim book cover. Yes, one of the chief things I went forth and did after I could not get my story out of my head, was to create a mock up of the cover which I instantly found planted in my head one morning. As opposed to the title, which forced me out of bed in the middle of the night to scribble it down.

I’m hoping it comes across as intriguing and interesting as I found it when it entered my brain. Hanging beside my writing desk, it’s a constant reminder of what I’m trying to do, and moreover, a reminder to myself that I have this thing to work on, so maybe stop reading up on old Wikipedia entries on the varies titles of Kim Jong-il, and get to work on that instead? He had a lot of titles though. Like, far more than his son. (Honestly, it is my belief that if some higher up politician, maybe Trump, he seems like a good bet, went ahead and called him ‘Bubba’, it might actually stick cause it’s very applicable)

See? I just looked over to the wall beside me, and behold, the cover is telling me to stop procrastinating and just get on with it already. Anyway, here it is, though of it is of course subject to change:

This version also has the title slapped on there. Not perfect, but I love the color.


Something akin to trying new things

A picture is an intermediate something between a thought and a thing

Samuel Coleridge said that, supposedly. In any case, I like it. Good quote.

I like to get things out with my painting. A way to deal with emotions, stress, and just life in general. There’s a lot of thoughts, and a lot of pictures that come from them. Hence the quote.

Not that this really matters for this post. It doesn’t concern any paintings that stemmed from any deep thoughts or relations. Other than, I enjoy Jonathan Davis and everything he has to offer. As such, here is a painting of him. It’s an older one, but if we’re doing this blog thing, then I should show everything I’ve got.

A large part of why I paint after images sometimes is because I’m always looking for ways to improve. I don’t want to toot my own horn here, but my skills have greatly improved since this particular piece. You’ll see, wink wink.

2013, based on image.