New Year, better me

Christmas was very busy, and not much time to paint (other than presents for others). After we came home from our families, I finally started painting again. Although I still had one christmas painting left, it was something I was looking forward to, a painting of the very handsome Nick Cave, a present for my little brother. I finished it yesterday, it’s a relatively small one, but I am also currently working on a large painting of Nick Cave because I want a picture of him in our living room.


-Nick cave

With the new year we all have the traditions of making new year resolutions, all the new year new me stuff. I usually tend to not make any, but this year I have made a few. I don’t see it as a new me, just a way to a better me. Although we are not very far in january, I have manage to keep my resolutions, one of them being to paint everyday, even when I really don’t feel it, I am going to sit down and paint, sometimes the mood comes and sometimes not, but I still get work done. So far so good. So hopefully a lot more art to post on the blog this year. What helps me keep my new routines is a book I bought that I absolutely love. First of all I must say that I love to make lists, I make lists for lists before making the lists for planning dinner, what needs to be done etc. So my sister showed me a notebook called List-Happiness, so I had to buy it. I love it, it has everything for making lists for your day, dinner planning, shopping list, year goals, movies you want to see, and empty pages to fill out as you please. So this book has really kept me on track with this years better me project, I use it everyday (I love getting to use the green highlighter on every day goals lol.). 26943259_10156454184265639_348594571_n

Christmas was fun, but it was really hard to be away from Christian for so long. It’s fine for a couple of days, but after that I miss him too much. we talk everyday but it’s not the same as seeing him everyday. I got the best stocking from him, it was filled with sooo much chocolate and a Donald Duck Christmas comic, I loved it (my guy knows me well). As good as my stocking was, it was not as amazing as my christmas present from him, he had written me a story. I have no words for how much I love my story, it was funny, sweet, exciting and showed me once again how well he knows me (it had the Doctor in it and the Doctor was Tim Minchin, amazing!). I’m going to ask him if he wants to post it here.26940771_10156454186120639_1217162968_n -My story<3

He came and joined my family for new years. It was so good seeing him again, I love him more than anything in this world. We have also been together now for two years, the time flies when it is with someone who makes you laugh everyday. Well that’s all for now, see ya!




So, the best holiday of the year is about to end, and Christian and I had a Halloween party this weekend. Our first together. It went pretty well, had friends over, several other couples, and we generally had a good time.

Nobody summoned Biggie Smalls.

In short, Christian tried some new drink, actually did a shot for once, and I danced around in a fat sumo-wrestler costume. And I almost popped my knee, something I apparently do on a year and a half basis. So it’s due this winter. -_-

We obviously don’t want to toot our own horns, but we totally won the costume contest that we totally didn’t have. But if we did, whooooooooo. Still, the competition was sort of lackluster, although I doubt that’s what people were all about. That’s pretty much just me feeling like I have to top myself each year.

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Today is finally the last day of september. I wait all year round for this particular day. Why? you may ask. What is so special about this day?

Well let me tell you. It is the day where I clean the apartment, wash it from top to bottom, actually move all the furniture, washing places that have been ignored for a year. (Now we sound like people living in filth all year, lol) But why bother doing it the last day of september? I’ll tell you. After the scrubbing and sweating, I get to decorate the house for halloween! For me halloween is all of october and 31st is just like Christmas, you celebrate the month that has been and say goodbye till next time. (But better than Christmas because you get to wear a costume) Luckily my SO has gladly (with some force and not being allowed to have a say in it) accepted my tradition. (Just kidding, he actually loves it too). So here is how our home looks like now.

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Surprise for Christian


Lately I have been busy with work, and too tired to do anything else after. Except finishing a shoe order I had. But this weekend I decided to surprise Christian. He has been really into LP lately, and that band means a lot to him. So he has asked if I could draw Chester bennington for him..So on thursday when I came home from work and saw the ugly rug we have in the hallway (which christian had spilled some orange juice on which left a stain) I started googling ideas to pimp up a rug. I didn’t have textile paint, only acrylic and oil.

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Quill & Doodle

Hey it’s been a while,

and I’m just putting out a short post here to prove I’m still alive and whatnot.

And to show off this gift I came home to not long ago!

So Christian, being all sneaky deaky, left this wrapped gift on my desk while I was at work, and opening that badboy up revealed…

A brand new quill!

Isn’t it gorgeous? <3

It’s a Harry Potter theme house quill I’ve been drooling after for a while, so I was super happy to receive it. Things like this reminds me why I keep this doofus around.

Anyway, it looks fantastic and is awesome to use. Lettering looks amazing, and it’s fun to doodle with. Christian liked how the page numbering in his manuscript looked so much better now, after the age of the quill.

Lastly, as promised in the title, here’s a quick doodle I did the other day.


I should do some more rodents next.

New desk!

So, I’m pretty happy these days. I don’t wanna toot my own horn here, but my boyfriend is pretty cool. Got me a new desk, cause after we moved I haven’t had a proper one to work with. Now I do. It’s actually better than my last one, which I loved.

It’s spacious, with a lot of room for all my pencils, paints and whatnot.

Anyway, just a short post on that. More works are coming. I’m just really happy. 🙂

Soo pretty <3

Brand new piece!


So, I’ve been working on this new painting for a while, and all in all I guess I’m satisfied with it. I have this thing where I’ll make stuff, be really glad with the progress and how it looks. and then when I actually finish it I don’t like it that much anymore.

People tell me diffrent tho, so that’s good. Christian is always impressed, particulary with this one, but doesn’t he always have to be impressed haha

I do like to title my works, and I usually know that title early on, for there’s mostly something that sparks these ideas for images I get, but this one in particular just sort of came out of nowhere. In any case, this one is titled ‘Don’t know where I belong‘.

Yeah, so…there it is. Don’t really have much else to add. So, you know, just gaze upon my artistic wonders! :O

Also, Christian went by a week without updating the blog.
Dishonorable! For shame!


This painting floats!

And you’ll float too! *insert eerie, creepy laugh*

Found myself pretty bored today, so I decided to do a quick painting of the awesome Pennywise the Dancing Clown, from Stephen King’s IT. Feels weird to introduce this, cause doesn’t everyone know this character??

Anyhow, spent a few hours on it, and just on a normal sketchpad, A3 sized, using acrylic paint. I love Pennywise, and so does Christian, so it was fun to do. Nice to finish something that quickly for once, despite this only being something short to work on to pass the time.

Doesn’t that new remake look terrible? Christian is actually keeping an open mind on it. What a loser. He could join the Loser’s Club…

Yeah, so here it is:



A new drawing

Finished a new drawing, this one is of musician Nick Cave. He’s among both myself and Christian’s favorite artists.

I don’t really have a lot to say about it. Spent a lot of hours on it, and think it turned out pretty good. Christian was really impressed though. Anyway, here it is:


New pair of shoes

I do some artwork on shoes occasionally. I began doing that roughly 5 years ago? Wanted some cool shoes with Daryl from The Walking Dead on them, figured I’d make them myself and voila; now I work over shoes periodically.

Several I’ve made just for me, one pair of work shoes for Christian, and the remainder have been commissions from others.

Finished a pair recently for someone, and they turned out pretty alright. They wanted their dogs to pride their shoes, so it ended up being this:

These people apparently are big dog lovers (who isn’t tho?), cause I’ve received more request for dogs already just based on these. So don’t balk at contacting me for works, whether they’re doggo related or otherwise.