Welcome to Absoluty Absurdity & Choking on my Art!

This focus of this blog, which is run by me, Christian, and my SO, Phoebe, is to share our passion, develop, chase our dreams, and yada yada yada all that good stuff.

I’ll certainly try my best to present some of my writing, how I do it and why, while I work on Absolute Absurdity, my novel, which is sure to be a bestseller at some point. At least in parallel dimensions. No, this one too. I can feel it.

Absolute Absurdity concerns a normal, everyday goof who, after the near extinction of humankind, must journey through time and space to stop the evil wizard who unleashed apocalypse upon them. In the fantasy world he ends up in, he must overcome his own feelings of inadequacy and find his own place in life. It has loveable characters, warring castles, weird creatures, odd religions, magic, romance, and pop culture references that just won’t stop!

Phoebe paints using all sorts of paint, does fantasical drawings, and her art is very much an outlet for her emotions and a journal for her life. It’s stuff I’m honesly baffled at each time she unveils a new one, and it confuses me that she wasn’t already a noted artist when I met her. She’s had art installations, and will have more in the future. Expect lots of updates.


Yes, we’re classy black & white people.