A long-awaited update

That’s right. THE update. Maybe even the update to end all updates.

Well, no. It’s just an update. Like, if it was the ‘end of all updates’, then that would mean no more updates then? No more blog? Even tho it’s kinda been like that lately, it’s not ideal.

Anyways, December was rough. Lots of work, lots of being hella tired, lots of managing shabby economy. So that was fun. Tho, I’m continuing into this year with more work hours than last year, which is of course nice, but also not, cause my old setup hours were great in that I’d always work nights, earning more, thus allowing me to have some days off, resulting in more creative nights for my writing.

Not so much this year, it seems. Of course, I’ll have to find some way around that, but yeah.

My manuscript for AA is still out there in the hands of my betas. Some of them have made good progress in it, and I’ve received fantastic feedback so far. Exactly the critical eyes I needed. Once my schedule evens out a bit more I’ll get into more rewrites.

Phoebe has worked a lot with her art. A lot of that has gone into christmas gifts, cause, I mean in my eyes, when you’ve got the talents, you’ve gotta share it. Now that we’re both back home from family stuff after the holidays, she’ll for sure share some new works soon.

Well, for now that’s pretty much it. No more than an update that we’ll be getting into the blog again soon. Plus I’ll end it here with some lovely pics:

Here we are, all cute and whatnot.

My fave gift this Christmas. Phoebe drew and framed this amazing image of BD from Fury for me <3 <3

And here we are on midnight at New Years. Exactly two years after I asked her to be mine. 😉

2 thoughts on “A long-awaited update”

  1. Man, Phoebe sure has some mad art skills. ‘Specially when it comes to her use of shadows. Great job on the Fury pic. 🙂

    Ahhh, don’t burn yourself out, Christian! Hope you can find another good balance between work hours and writing. Sounds like the old hours were really nice that way — need those creative nights! But at least even just a little writing each day will get you somewhere. Eventually.

    2018 better be treating you guys like royalty thus far, aside from work! lol. Really though, Happy New Year, I hope it’s been a strong start for you.

    1. I seriously love the drawing, it’s amazing <3

      Thanks, I'm hoping not to burn! 😛 2018 has been pretty good so far tho, even on the work side of things. I just gotta get more writing done, especially on my main manuscript, cause I'm doing all these other things now.

      A belated Happy New Years to you too, and here's to your 2018 being even better as well!

      How is your writing going?

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