New Year, better me

Christmas was very busy, and not much time to paint (other than presents for others). After we came home from our families, I finally started painting again. Although I still had one christmas painting left, it was something I was looking forward to, a painting of the very handsome Nick Cave, a present for my little brother. I finished it yesterday, it’s a relatively small one, but I am also currently working on a large painting of Nick Cave because I want a picture of him in our living room.


-Nick cave

With the new year we all have the traditions of making new year resolutions, all the new year new me stuff. I usually tend to not make any, but this year I have made a few. I don’t see it as a new me, just a way to a better me. Although we are not very far in january, I have manage to keep my resolutions, one of them being to paint everyday, even when I really don’t feel it, I am going to sit down and paint, sometimes the mood comes and sometimes not, but I still get work done. So far so good. So hopefully a lot more art to post on the blog this year. What helps me keep my new routines is a book I bought that I absolutely love. First of all I must say that I love to make lists, I make lists for lists before making the lists for planning dinner, what needs to be done etc. So my sister showed me a notebook called List-Happiness, so I had to buy it. I love it, it has everything for making lists for your day, dinner planning, shopping list, year goals, movies you want to see, and empty pages to fill out as you please. So this book has really kept me on track with this years better me project, I use it everyday (I love getting to use the green highlighter on every day goals lol.). 26943259_10156454184265639_348594571_n

Christmas was fun, but it was really hard to be away from Christian for so long. It’s fine for a couple of days, but after that I miss him too much. we talk everyday but it’s not the same as seeing him everyday. I got the best stocking from him, it was filled with sooo much chocolate and a Donald Duck Christmas comic, I loved it (my guy knows me well). As good as my stocking was, it was not as amazing as my christmas present from him, he had written me a story. I have no words for how much I love my story, it was funny, sweet, exciting and showed me once again how well he knows me (it had the Doctor in it and the Doctor was Tim Minchin, amazing!). I’m going to ask him if he wants to post it here.26940771_10156454186120639_1217162968_n -My story<3

He came and joined my family for new years. It was so good seeing him again, I love him more than anything in this world. We have also been together now for two years, the time flies when it is with someone who makes you laugh everyday. Well that’s all for now, see ya!


Book haul


I do get book hauls every now and then. Rarely do I find one book that I need to have now and get it. Usually I’ll put it on my list and then get it along with a bunch of others at some point.

So maybe I’ll start sharing those. I do have good taste, so if anyone comes by this, then maybe they’ll check out some of the books. Which is always a plus.

Starting off small tho. This haul, I did not get myself, but it’s still my haul, cause they’re all books I wanted and Phoebe got them for me. <3

<3 <3

These three she got me!

The first one is Here I Am, by Jonathan Safran Foer:


Man, it looks gorgeous. Jonathan Safran Foer is an author I love. For two big reasons. First off, obviously, he’s a fantastic writer. Secondly, and for me the most important reason; Foer is the guy who first got me into reading in the first place. And then in turn, got me into writing.

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2017 books

So, I’ve never really been a fast reader. Mostly, I take my time, and I analyze a lot as I read.

As such, I read…19 books in 2017. Unless I forget some. For me, this is pretty decent though. It’s not like I read a bunch of fast and easy Jim Butcher novels and call it a day. (Not knocking on Butcher; he’s awesome. But let’s face it, his books are sort of designed for easy reads during your commute) In fact I sort of gravitate towards the more literary challenging books.

This year, I don’t know. Didn’t delve that deep into the pile. I still didn’t finish Infinite Jest which has been left halfway read for a about a year now and is still taking up my two favorite bookmarks (!), and I still haven’t cracked open Shantaram. I guess those are my two remaining literary milestone for now. I finish those two, and maybe Atlas Shrugged, and then I grow a monocle.

Anyway, I got some favorites I want to list and recommend, so I’ll get on that:

Started the year off by reading through Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, though the fifth book stopped me in my tracks. Kinda didn’t dig it. Anyway, it’s a really cool series I wanna finish one day, and you should too.

Speaking of King, I really like The Stand. But is it okay to say I think his son would have done it better? Joe Hill’s The Fireman is, like The Stand, a brick of a book set in the aftermath of a plague. Except he writes it better. Yet he obviously doesn’t have that good and evil, black and white effect that King has in The Stand. Which is why I kinda wish his son wrote it. King’s is too long and drags between the cool bits.

I read Maus because of Phoebe. It’s fantastic, go read it. I even got it for one of my brothers this Christmas. I also read some Gaiman books because she’s a superfan of him. The Ocean at the end of the Lane, and The Graveyard Book. Both great, though I liked the former more.

Mentioned it before on the blog, but Eddie Izzard’s biography was funny and inspiring. Which is a great combo.

So, top three books I read this year would probably be Out in the Open, by Jesús Carrasco, Annihilation, by Jeff VanderMeer, and A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, by Dave Eggers.

Annihilation I read because I’ve heard great things, plus suddenly I’m in a hurry! Film coming out and all. Alex Garland making it too. He’s a talented guy. Writes good novels (at least The Beach), great screenplays (I’ll always love Sunshine despite that final act), and directs awesome films (like Ex Machina). This adaption looks very different tho, so it doesn’t look like the end of the world if you see the film first.

Yeah, and here’s some lovely pics, cause I’m pichoe:

That golden, sexy looking thing in the back is a figure of the almighty Smaug by the way. From Phoebe this Christmas. Just saying, Smaug is kinda cool.

Alright, I’m gonna go sleep. So we’ll catch ya’ll later.


Worst book of 2017: The Troop, by some guy. Actually, let me Google that for myself; Nick Cutter. Alright then. Interesting beginning, but after a while you realize you don’t really give a shit about any of the characters. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



Oh right. I read Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian this year, didn’t I. And it was bloody fantastic. Well, it should be up there, in the, uhh, top three area.

Why do I write at night again?



A long-awaited update

That’s right. THE update. Maybe even the update to end all updates.

Well, no. It’s just an update. Like, if it was the ‘end of all updates’, then that would mean no more updates then? No more blog? Even tho it’s kinda been like that lately, it’s not ideal.

Anyways, December was rough. Lots of work, lots of being hella tired, lots of managing shabby economy. So that was fun. Tho, I’m continuing into this year with more work hours than last year, which is of course nice, but also not, cause my old setup hours were great in that I’d always work nights, earning more, thus allowing me to have some days off, resulting in more creative nights for my writing.

Not so much this year, it seems. Of course, I’ll have to find some way around that, but yeah.

My manuscript for AA is still out there in the hands of my betas. Some of them have made good progress in it, and I’ve received fantastic feedback so far. Exactly the critical eyes I needed. Once my schedule evens out a bit more I’ll get into more rewrites.

Phoebe has worked a lot with her art. A lot of that has gone into christmas gifts, cause, I mean in my eyes, when you’ve got the talents, you’ve gotta share it. Now that we’re both back home from family stuff after the holidays, she’ll for sure share some new works soon.

Well, for now that’s pretty much it. No more than an update that we’ll be getting into the blog again soon. Plus I’ll end it here with some lovely pics:

Here we are, all cute and whatnot.

My fave gift this Christmas. Phoebe drew and framed this amazing image of BD from Fury for me <3 <3

And here we are on midnight at New Years. Exactly two years after I asked her to be mine. 😉