So, the best holiday of the year is about to end, and Christian and I had a Halloween party this weekend. Our first together. It went pretty well, had friends over, several other couples, and we generally had a good time.

Nobody summoned Biggie Smalls.

In short, Christian tried some new drink, actually did a shot for once, and I danced around in a fat sumo-wrestler costume. And I almost popped my knee, something I apparently do on a year and a half basis. So it’s due this winter. -_-

We obviously don’t want to toot our own horns, but we totally won the costume contest that we totally didn’t have. But if we did, whooooooooo. Still, the competition was sort of lackluster, although I doubt that’s what people were all about. That’s pretty much just me feeling like I have to top myself each year.

Have some pics!

We all fancy

Um, we’re kinda bad at remembering to take photos at events like this, so we don’t really have great photos (not that this is great, we really like it!) of the makeup itself.

So, it’s kind of hard to tell, but we love The Addams Family, and this year we tried for undead Morticia and Gomez. My entire throat is ripped up, and Christian had a hole in his cheek, with face teeth inserted behind latex and paint.

Look, she a cutie (me)

The above is myself and my absolute bestie <3 <3 <3

Oh yeeah boi, kiss incoming
I baked Halloween cupcakes. People were fans <3
Cheeky monkeys…


Angelic Goreface McGee

Also, Christian got this lovely thing before it all began.

And that’s pretty much it. I swear we’ll get better at this remembering photos thing. I guess we’re busy dancing and trying not to trip?

Happy Halloween, folks! Did anyone have a party? Get some friends together? Let us knoooow!

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