Nick Cave Concert!

If there’s one artist both myself and Phoebe absolutely love, it’s got to be Nick Cave. In fact, he’s sort of ‘our’ artist, and someday we’ll dance to his ‘Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow’ at our wedding (everyone must participate is the silly/cool dance!)

I can actually take credit for him being our guy. I’ve been a fan since I fell in love his score for the Brad Pitt film ‘The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford’ (which I think has the record for longest title nominated for best picture), and he was one of those artists I’d periodically listen to often. Then I got Phoebe into him (she knew who he was but hadn’t heard that much of him), and in turn got one of her brothers —the only decent one tbh but don’t tell him I said that— into him, and now she’s a way bigger fan of him than I am myself!

Well, anyway, last night we fulfilled a dream of ours— we saw him live! Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds played Norway’s largest arena ‘Oslo Spektrum’ for one night only and we’ve had tickets since February? March? Around there. I think February cause they were ripped away immediately. Cave is (thankfully I should say) a popular guy in Norway.

We had pretty good seats, not straight ahead of stage, but at the end of a row, close to the exit

Now I’m not a big concert-goer, and even if I lost a few fingers I could still count the ones I’ve been to on one hand. Phoebe on the other hand has been to many concerts, but still, she agreed that this was the best concert she’s ever been to, and I wholeheartedly agree. The man was on fire.

Not having seen him live before, we were both (the three of us, really, as we brought that one okay brother of hers) amazed at the quality of his voice, even live. Usually, artists sound rather lacking when they sing live, right? Not Nick Cave. It was literally like hearing a recording. And it didn’t strain at all during a 2+ hour concert. Simply amazing!

Speaking of best concerts, all the major papers in Norway reviewed it, and they all gave him their hightest possible scores. Which is good, cause we wouldn’t have accepted anything less. xD

The setlist was pretty good. Though darker and with melancholy connections to his son’s tragic passing, he sung a lot of songs from his latest album. An album I haven’d really listened properly to, but I only needed to hear him sing a few select songs from it to realize their beauty.

This one in particular got to me. It’s been on repeat all day:

This is as close to breaking down as Nick Cave has gotten, during his 30+ years in the spotlight.

‘Red Right Hand’ was included, to thunderous applause. It’s one of my favorites, and probably the song that really got me into him once I found him. ‘The Ship Song’, ‘The Weeping Song’, ‘Higgs Boson Blues’, ‘Into My Arms’ and ‘Stagger Lee’ were also in the returning classics and all amazing.

Sadly, he didn’t do Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow. I don’t think he does anymore. According to he hasn’t done it live since 2002, the year after it came out, which is a shame, cause it’s one of his best songs.

Phoebe wished for ‘As I sat sadly by her side’, but no dice. Sadly no ‘We No Who U R’, ‘Straight To You’, or any of his duets either.

Had to zoom a lot, so the quality is so-so, but look! There he is! <3

Phoebe also had to get a t-shirt, cause she always does. It’s a pretty cool one with a drawing Cave did himself. Naked caricature, penis, horns, red hand and all. Yup.

Should really post a picture of her in with, but she’s away at the moment, and I’m all alone writing up this post in the middle of the night. Can’t wait till she comes home in a few days <3

Is there any other Nick Cave fans out there? Have you seen him live? What are your fave songs! There’s too many good ones to choose!


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