It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Today is finally the last day of september. I wait all year round for this particular day. Why? you may ask. What is so special about this day?

Well let me tell you. It is the day where I clean the apartment, wash it from top to bottom, actually move all the furniture, washing places that have been ignored for a year. (Now we sound like people living in filth all year, lol) But why bother doing it the last day of september? I’ll tell you. After the scrubbing and sweating, I get to decorate the house for halloween! For me halloween is all of october and 31st is just like Christmas, you celebrate the month that has been and say goodbye till next time. (But better than Christmas because you get to wear a costume) Luckily my SO has gladly (with some force and not being allowed to have a say in it) accepted my tradition. (Just kidding, he actually loves it too). So here is how our home looks like now.

This is the centerpiece on our table in the living room:

The best month is October. Not only because of halloween, but the fresh crispy air, the beautiful leaves, the candles, the cup of tea or cocoa in the evening. It all just gets your creativity flowing, makes your mind and body feel alive. I know a lot of people feel more alive and energized in the summer, but for me it’s in the fall.

Here’s our kitchen table:

I also have a list of movies I watch every year in October, some movies are the ones “everybody” watches, like The Nightmare Before Christmas, and some are movies which might seem odd, that I for some reason get a fuzzy october feeling from like What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. I also have a tradition with my younger brother, watching new horror movies we haven’t seen, the new American Horror Story (which by the way I am sceptical of this year), and of course we always watch Over The Garden Wall. It is the most amazing cartoon ever, and if you haven’t seen it go check it out now!

Here’s the rest:

My brother is coming to visit this Tuesday and are going to be staying a few days, and now the apartment is all ready for the horror movie atmosphere.

Do you have any special fall traditions? Or another favourite time of the year?

That’s it for now, hope all of you out there has a fantastic October month.


9 thoughts on “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”

    1. I love that there is more people out there celebrating it more than just one day, and now got a bit jealous that you celebrate it longer. Thank you so much!

  1. I agree. Here in norway there are lots of people who hate halloween. I can’t see why, what is wrong with making life more festive.

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