Surprise for Christian


Lately I have been busy with work, and too tired to do anything else after. Except finishing a shoe order I had. But this weekend I decided to surprise Christian. He has been really into LP lately, and that band means a lot to him. So he has asked if I could draw Chester bennington for him..So on thursday when I came home from work and saw the ugly rug we have in the hallway (which christian had spilled some orange juice on which left a stain) I started googling ideas to pimp up a rug. I didn’t have textile paint, only acrylic and oil.

Kept googling and found out that you can prime the rug and use acrylic and oil, but the rug will feel a bit like plastic. I didn’t care, it’s just for our home anyway and who is going to walk on it that much. So I decided to paint Chester Bennington on it as a surprise. I asked first if he did mind if the rug got ruined (but didn’t tell him what I was planning) and he said it was ok. So when he was at work yesterday I started priming the rug with gesso (well, after spending eternity removing cat hair from it). And when I had laid on a thin layer, I noticed that I wouldn’t have enough. Typical my luck…or just typical me getting ideas and wanting to start RIGHT NOW!

But I watered it out and covered it enough. Then I started painting the side where the face was going to be with white acrylic paint…then saw that I didn’t have enough of that either…used up what I had, and moved on to painting up the motive. When that was done I used black acrylic paint to paint the other half of the rug black. And used up all the black I had too…thank God I have a lot of oil paint! So for the rest of the rug I used oil paint.

But I had promised Christian dinner when he got home from work, so when I knew it was 20 mins till he got home I had to hurry up. I had been working on the rug for 9 hours, and my back and knees were killing me from sitting on the floor. I was only halfway done with it. I hid the rug in my work room, and started cooking dinner. Today I forced him to stay on the computer, if he wanted something he had to knock, wait, and then come in the living room (there’s not enough space in my room to paint the rug there). 5 hours later, and I was done! I could finally show him the results. He was very happy, he is rarely speechless, and when he gets that happy, the work and the pain is all worth it. I love the goof so much <3


That’s it for now. I’m hoping to get a few pics up of those shoes too. Sort of add to my portfolio of shoes, but they were gifts, and the gifts have been given and so forth, and someone forgot to take pictures of them.


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