One Year Anniversary

Last night marked the one year anniversary of the day the two of us moved in together!

It’s pretty exciting, folks. Well, maybe not for everyone else, but for us it’s a big deal. It’s flown by, really, and it is only the first milestone of many. It’s been weird, but it has also been amazing, and I can stress to past me about how good of a choice it was. Good job, dude.

For my part, despite that one year I had an (almost random) roommate, I’ve pretty much been living on my own ever since I was eighteen. That is, the year I was ruthlessly and carelessly thrown to the wind in a sort of ‘get out’ sort of fashion. Well not really. But I did have to move out then.

I’d think it would have been harder, but I’ve loved every minute of living with this woman <3

We took the opportunity to eat out:


The first year of many! 🙂

5 thoughts on “One Year Anniversary”

  1. How exciting for you guys! It’s got to be a terrifyingly exciting commitment at first to go ahead and say, “yeah, let’s do it, let’s move in together.” As someone who really, annoyingly overthinks what possible impacts a decision will have, I imagine that would be incredibly stressful… It’s a risk for sure, but hey.. no risk, no reward. I’m glad it has worked out so well for you two! Congratulations on the milestone! Cheers to many, many more.

    That meal looks delicious, by the way. *attempts to grab through screen*

      1. Nope, I haven’t yet, but I’m also steering clear of the dating game for a while lol. Just not my thing at the moment. Buuuut, yes, I do have a cat, and she is one loud, frequent talker!

        1. We have a cat too! Or, when she’s being annoying it’s just my cat, apparently…

          Her name’s Stine, and she talks a lot too. Mostly at night, however. ;-;

          1. Ahahah! I know how that goes… Although, wouldn’t that make her yours the majority of the time, then? ‘Cause you know cats are mischievous little buggers that get off on being annoying. Like talking at night, when everyone’s trying to sleep.

            Stine is a great name for a cat, though. ^^ What inspired that?

            Mine likes to piss everybody off by rushing ahead of them as they’re walking and plopping down onto her back to get them to rub her belly. Tripping people all day long! lol

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