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As you might expect, I love books. Perhaps even more so, I love the smell of new books. To the point that I honestly wish it was a cologne. It’s evigorating. Almost..sexual, actually I should reel this in right about now…

Anyway, over the years I’ve developed this mindset that I should try to write, just anything, even when I’m not really writing for any of my projects or just generally ‘working’. As I kind of am not doing right now. I’ve written on other stuff periodically, yet at the moment I’m hip deep in editing AA. As such, whenever I write anything, be it blog posts, grocery list, reviews, I feel better. Like I’ve done some writing stuff.

As such, one of the things I could add to the blogging are my book hauls. Despite not finding time to read them all, I do get a lot of books (and we need more shelves) and I often get them in clusters.

So here’s my most recent purchases:

Books <3

Bottom to top, they are the illustrated edition of George. R. R. Martin’s first ASoIaF books ‘Game of Thrones‘, the manga illustrated edition of Wolf Children, based on the amazing film of the same name. Then I just received Out in the Open, which is a new translation I’ve been waiting of for Jesùs Carrasco (JC!), and then there’s The Whalestone Letters, which is the companion piece to my second favorite book ever, House of Leaves, by Mark. Z. Danielewski.

I already have the leather bound edition box set of the first five ASoIaF books, where I have read the grand total of roughly half of A Game of Thrones. Thing is, while those looks hella good, they’re very small, and they feel like bibles. Obviously, I’d love it if the bible had as good stories as GoT, but the similarities end there. It was hard to read, plus I know the plot very well at this point, because I seriously only need the HBO adaption to end now before I officially make it my favorite series ever (sorry Lost!), and it’s hard to find the encouragement to push through all that when I know the story. This edition is amazing tho, with fantastic artwork which crop up here and there and at every new chapter, and Martin has great chapter length, so I’ll probably end of reading at least this first one some day.

Phoebe got the aforementioned book for me, as well as the illustrated edition of Wolf Children. When we first met, we both found out we loved the fairly obscure japanese film Wolf Children, which was great. And at some point she got me this one. I love it.

Out in the Open I’ve really wanted to get for a little while, because its writing style is supposedly similar to Cormac McCarthy. Though, when I say writing style I rather mean mood, feel and prose, and not actual writing style. For as I’ve mentioned before, I dislike McCarthy’s writing style. I did finish Blood Meridian though, and I loved it. Maybe I’ll post about it. In any case, I thumbed through Carrasco’s book and his writing is good.

Lastly, The Whalestone Letters is something I’ve wanted ever since I read (got through it on my second try yo) House of Leaves. It’s small, and mostly contains portions of letters another character sent to another in the book, but I look forward to reading it. Mostly because I can get into Danielewski’s amazing work with just the meaning of prose and how you present writing. As such, I’ll get more stuff like this:

Yeah, those were tricky at first but I came to love them. In fact, I may do a post on HoL one day. It’s truly amazing.

Ever read any of these gems?

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