Brand new piece!


So, I’ve been working on this new painting for a while, and all in all I guess I’m satisfied with it. I have this thing where I’ll make stuff, be really glad with the progress and how it looks. and then when I actually finish it I don’t like it that much anymore.

People tell me diffrent tho, so that’s good. Christian is always impressed, particulary with this one, but doesn’t he always have to be impressed haha

I do like to title my works, and I usually know that title early on, for there’s mostly something that sparks these ideas for images I get, but this one in particular just sort of came out of nowhere. In any case, this one is titled ‘Don’t know where I belong‘.

Yeah, so…there it is. Don’t really have much else to add. So, you know, just gaze upon my artistic wonders! :O

Also, Christian went by a week without updating the blog.
Dishonorable! For shame!


2 thoughts on “Brand new piece!”

  1. Wow! That’s some fabulous work, Phoebe. I get where you’re coming from when you say you like your work and your progress, but not so much the finished product. I can’t draw or paint or sketch to save my life, but I get that way with my writing every so often (lot more now than I used to, actually). I am totally on the side of “That is freaking awesome,” though, with this. The detail is amazing! I *love* the opposite mirror image effect (is there a technical term for that?).

    This is one of those things that you could hang up on your wall and switch around whenever you a) got bored of one side, or b) needed something to fit your mood lol. You’ve got some great talent there!

    1. Thank you! You are so nice!

      I’m actually unsure if there is a technical term for it (surely there is, right?), but ‘mirroring’ is probably good. I never thought that I could flip it based on my mood. I guess I can, haha. For me, I think the, sort of, right side up, as it were, is the side with the eye and the raven, but maybe that changes from time to time too.

      It’s really cool of you to keep returning to our blog, it means a lot. We’ve been checking out yours too, maybe one day when we’re both huge bloggers we can feature one another xD (though it appears you’re way ahead of us in terms of audience)


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