A Project Update

That title makes me feel like I’m about to put on a powerpoint presentation for the yearly fiscal earnings of some low level paperclip packaging company. Thankfully I’m not though. And hopefully this’ll be somewhat more interesting.

And, well, writing’s been easier lately. There was some times last fall when I was able to produce 10k of writing in a week. Good writing, that I liked. I’m not there again now, but I’m in the vicinity of it. So that’s really good.

A few days ago I had the goal of crossing 90k into my first draft. Suddenly I was sitting at almost 95k. It felt good. And it was writing I liked, that I could really get behind.

Beyond this, of course, despite the nice feeling of producing a lot of writing, comes the fact that I’ve strayed past 90k, and the endgame isn’t in sight yet. Of course, I know exactly what I’m going to write and whatnot and what’s left, but I imagine the finished manuscript to be at least 120k plus, possibly upwards to 130k. This will mean a heavy, heavy editing process, because while I do have faith in it, I know I need to have it be more editor friendly, meaning I’d want it as close as possible to…what do you know, 90k. #sadface

It’ll shrink during the editing for the 2nd draft. Definitely, but it’s starting to sound daunting, to cut all this back down again. Streamlining, of course, is good, but difficult. It’s gonna be easier once I’m there, about to start it I guess.

The holy manuscript itself. I don’t know, it feels good to hold. It’s heavy. Makes you feel the progress, and just how much weird stuff that’s come out of your head. And this isn’t even an updated version; it’s lacking about 26k.

Yeah, anyway, I think that’s it. And don’t worry, more rodent drawings are coming. They’re cropping up everywhere at this point. Even found one in the mousetrap!





2 thoughts on “A Project Update”

  1. Oh, how I would love to be writing 10k words per week lol. Even crappy words. I would totally accept crappy words. I go at a snail’s pace and it is quite painful – especially considering I tend to be trigger happy, and I like to post things ASAP. Oh well.. Slow and steady, right? Whew.

    Congrats on the progress you’ve made with this manuscript. That’s such an exciting thing. 🙂 I’m new to your blog here, but I fell in love with your two terrific personalities (you and Phoebe, that is) immediately. Lovveee the humor! The background details and tinting of your photos are great, too.

    Best of luck with the rest of your projects! Keep going – woop woop! lol. I warn you in advance that I am a terrible blog commenter, but I’ll be keeping an eye on your work and shall stop on by whenever I am able!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words and encouragement, Eve! It means a lot to us <3

      And you're a writer too, with your own blog! We'll be sure to check it out. Maybe it'll teach me a thing or two on how to write poetry, for I am terrible at it. xD

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