On the verge of ringing in summer

Alright, so I’m finding myself watching Wolfgang Petersen’s great epic Troy, and it is a clear indication of what’s going on: Summer is in full swing. Soon I’ll start listening to Will Smith’s ‘Summertime’, and then I’ll complete the ritual by watching Jaws.

Then I’ll complain about the heat, and my face will implode due to allergies. (which have already begun, trust me)

Anyway, on the topic of Troy; I like this film. It’s certainly a favorite, though it’s always been mired with dirt from the critics. Which I don’t understand. The main issues they had with it was the dismissal of the god’s presence. And, honestly, anything other than what they did would have been stupid, I really don’t get the critic’s point of view here. They went with a realistic, gritty adaption here, rather than some overblown spectable of the gods.

In the Iliad, the gods appear seemingly at random and their allegiances and blessings turn at the change of a dime. Continue reading “On the verge of ringing in summer”