Alien: Covenant

So, I saw Alien: Covenant here the other day. It’s pretty much the most anticipated film of the year for me, and I’ve been overhyped for days, cause it was getting good reviews.

And it didn’t disappoint!

Fairly solid film for me. Strong 8/10. I’ve been quite an adamant rater on Imdb ever since I made my account there in 2007? And I always rate films with their 1-10 score. Perfect 10s are among the best films of all time, 9s are masterpieces, and an 8 is a really fantastic film, and so on and so on.

Wait, I guess this will include some spoilers, so yeah, there’s that. Anyway, I’m a big fan of Prometheus. That’s a solid 9/10 for me, so in a way this is a step down, but it still very much delivers. Prometheus is that high for me because it did exactly what I wanted it to do. Create a universe.

I didn’t want just another film where people are in space, there’s an alien, and then there’s a big munching feast. Apparently everybody else did? I don’t know, I was always in that group of fans that figured Prometheus would be looked upon as a masterpiece within sci-fi over the next several years. That didn’t happen. The main issue people have with it is the plot. They don’t get it. What? What is there not to get? It’s not that hard to follow, guys.

Literally, the only problems Prometheus has is the actions of some of its characters. Namely, two of the scientists, Fifield and Milburn. They’re not really acting like they should at one point. They’re stupid. Beyond this, there’s not really any problems with the plot. It’s just not aliens. In this film, Ridley tried to expand on the universe he created. More on Weyland, more on creation, juggling big ideas. I loved that.

Another thing Prometheus succeeded in was creating a character that was as strong as Ripley, but that was not a ripoff (or clone, haha let’s forget Resurrection happened), namely Elizabeth Shaw. Her character, and the actress that plays her, Noomi Rapace, was excellent, and a worthy character to follow as these new films evolve. Along with, of course, David. Obviously, they change this up for the new film, and it’s one of the main reasons I don’t like it as much.

Covenant follows the events of Prometheus, and at the same time we are drawn closer and closer to original Alien territory. It’s like a merging of the two. It’s good, but could have been done a lot better. Chiefly, don’t kill off Shaw. This is probably the main reason the film is lacking for me. She was perfect. Instead we get Katherine Waterston’s ‘Daniels’, which is fine and she does well in it, but she is essentially just Ripley. Here we got that Ripley clone, not in Prometheus. We don’t need another one of those.

David’s role remains large, however, to the point that’s he’s arguably the main character of both this film and franchise now. The female-driven Alien films of the past are gone? I don’t know, but Fassbender is rocking the heck out of this role, so it’s hard to complain. Another guy who did good in his role was Danny McBride, in a serious film for once. I raised my eyebrows at his casting when it was annouced, but it interested me a lot to see him in this, so I looked forward to it. And he did great; Tennesee was arguably my favorite character in this outside of David/Walter.

Rounding out the characters is Billy Crudup as Christopher Oram. He’s the second in command who gets upped to Captain after James Franco’s cameo as a burning corpse occurs (lol). I liked his character. You can see where they wanted to go with him, before his end, which all the trailers capitalized on. Of course, there’s more characters then this, but you don’t really get to know them. You get some sentimentality for them because most of them are spouses on this colonization mission, but there’s not a lot of buildup for them.

As a massive Alien fan who honestly can’t get enough, I’d happily accept 20, 30 more minutes in this film, if only to build up the characters. The two small shorts, ‘The Last Supper’ (in which we do get some Franco), and the one with Shaw called ‘The Crossing’, is not enough. Yet, I realize, that would probably make it too long for the random guy in the street. To be honest though, every man on the street should love Alien, so…Idk.

This isn’t a review or anything, I just like writing, film, and the Alien series. So it’s generally just my thoughts on it. I loved it, despite its shortcomings. Can’t wait for more. Which there will be, no doubt.

I think I’ll end on my favorite scene of the film. In it, David watched upon the birth of his creation; the very first Xenomorph. Not quite the same as the original Xeno, but I’m assuming this is because they’re somehow more organic down the line, rather than a creation of David. In any case, it’s actually a really beautiful scene, which is weird to say, considering how we all know their ‘birth’ so to say. I obviously don’t have the scene up my sleeve, but I do have the soundtrack for it, which is an amazing piece of music. It gives off this, somber, yet amazing feel. Like, you’re witnessing the start of this big thing, yet a thing that will cause such havok.

What did David say in Prometheus again? Oh right,

Big things have small beginnings.

Lastly, I suppose I should have opened with this, but Pheobe, you can’t read this. She has not seen it yet. Went with my brother, taking Pheebs this friday.

(that’s…that’s me as an alien guys ;-;)

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