The Dark Tower

So, the Dark Tower trailer came out today. Finally, I should say.

The Dark Tower adaption has been doing this dance for a while. Ever since before I came to love it, the adaption of the books have been in development hell, gaining momentum here and there, before finally dying out. This time, it actually came to fruition. And…well.

I’m not impressed. I should start off by saying I had very little faith in this project, its writers, or its relatively unknown director. I do like Matthew McConaughey and think he’s a good fit for Flagg. Idris, on the other hand, eh, he’s okay. I’ve warmed up to him. It would be hard for anyone, really, to step into these shoes. Ever since I began reading the books, I’ve envisioned circa 1997 Pete Postlethwaite as Roland, and sadly he has passed on.

Obviously, I don’t like that they’re not following the books. And now that this trailer has dropped, after being moved further and further back, it really doesn’t look good. Everything I’ve come to love about the Dark Tower is almost absent here. It honesly feels like an action film set in NY. This is not good.

Hopefully I’m wrong? Maybe it is good, and I just can’t wrap my head around all these changes. I still think it sucks, and in my mind, I won’t get my Dark Tower adaption for quite a while. I think there’s big chances this one will fail, and I’ll have to wait even longer before somebody comes along again and tries to adapt in once more.

The gun-reloading here is also putting me off. Isn’t it silly? Is it only me?

Anyway, that’s all from me.

Long days and pleasant nights, folks.

An oldie

She’ll probably upload another work tomorrow.

Well, that was a goof.

Anyway, here’s one of my older paintings. This one is from all the way back in 2013. I do try to title all my works, and this one is called ‘Conscience’.

It deals a lot with how I’ll attain a guilty conscience, and how I feel towards everything and everyone during those moments. I both like and dislike my older works. On one hand, they look rougher, but on the other hand it shows how much I’ve improved. I’ll upload a more recent piece soon, to illustate my point.

Oh, also, he did not mention this, but that drawing of a mouse in the previous entry? I did that, sure, but really hastily. You know those times…when your boyfriend casually tells you to draw mice for reasons unknown, and you’re unsure if he’s serious or not, so you draw up a quick one anyway? This was one of those moments.

Anyway, here’s an oldie. Classic, really.