End of April post

That’s right. A post to annouce the end of April. I’m singlehandedly bringing on the arrival of May.

No, of course not. One thing I am doing though, is realizing how fast days go by. We sort of agreed to aim for at least a post every three days, cause our lives are just that interesting, but here we are, four days later, and here’s a new post. Not that it’s fantastically interesting, but there’s a big surprise as the end, so it’s totally worth it.

Writing has been slow lately. Earlier, I have produced more than 10k a week, though this didn’t happen as often as would be awesome. Still, things have gone smoother. I do admit I’ve been spending my free time otherwise lately. Outside of work, I’ve been rather caught up in Darkest Dungeon, which is a really addictive game I recently stumbled upon. If you’ve heard of it, it is quite brutal, and I regret naming my characters after characters in my novel. For they all died rather horribly. Save for one character, who’s still hanging in there.

Phoebe has begun working more, and her time is more limited, though she’s still finding time to work on her art. She’ll probably upload another work tomorrow. That is, if I decide to usher in May at all. (I will. It is the month of Norway’s national day after all. The 17th btw, don’t forget)

Also, look:


It’s a mouse. Reading a book. Wearing tiny glasses.

Also, that was the big surprise.


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