Alien Day!

Wow, my levels of gushing certainly have a way of timing everything just correctly. My excitement for the upcoming Alien: Covenant film has been brewing for quite a while now, from the point those trailers started dropping and I let go of my disappoinment of it apparently veering away from its Prometheus storyline.

As more and more has been unveiled, however, it may not have strayed too far. Which is good. Anyway, as my anticipation for this film reaches its zenith, which isn’t really now, there’s still three weeks to go, I find myself wanting to post about it. AND LO AND BEHOLD…it happens to be April 26th, which is gaining more status as the official ‘Alien’ day. So that was a neat coincidence.

Ridders is my favorite film director, and he returns to his origins in this movie. Everything I’ve seen of this film so far, and let’s face it they’ve almost showcased their entire film at this point, it’s looking very solid. I like the plot they’re going with, and how they’re tying it into Prometheus. My only complaint so far is the lack of Shaw. One of the things Prometheus managed to excel in, it was creating a strong character I could get behind, just like I could with Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley. Shaw is not front and center now. And we don’t really know what’s up with her, or if she’s still around. See? There’s so many questions! What’s up with David?? He’s such a douche! I think.

I’ve actually come to the conclusion that I’ve never been more excited for a film release before. Alien is my favorite film franchise, something I realized when Prometheus came out in 2012. It took the reins from the Middle Earth franchise, which is coincidentally the last time I was genuinely this excited for a film, when The Hobbit came out in 2012.

A large part of why Alien trumps the Middle Earth franchise is because I view it as somewhat done. Maybe someone will try to do The Silmarillion or something in many, many years, but done for me. Alien on the other hand though…I can get Alien goodness for the rest of my life.

Alien: Covenant also has something really amazing. It has what I believe is the greatest teaser trailer of all time:

I don’t know exactly what it is about these select few, yet gorgeous shots combined with the musical stylings of John Denver, but it really resonates with me. Also, look! Danny McBride is there. I usually know most actors from one select role, and though it’s not here yet, prepare yourself Dan, cause you’ll probably be Tennessee for me for the rest of my life.

Happy Alien Day, folks!