Happy Easter!

It’s easter again! And the sophomore post in our blog happens to concern it.

I swear, Easter is one of those holidays that always creep up on me, despite the abhorrant way the stores announce it with their seasonal sweets and whatnot. Even more so, I happen to work in a store, so I get this thread down over my head each year. Despite this, I always react with an ‘oh right, it’s Easter soon, ain’t it‘, and then everyone around me has apparently been anticipating it for a while.

Why do we have it again? Like, if I remember this correctly, then Jesus fell into a Sarlacc pit or went through puberty this time of year, and…that’s why we celebrate? I forget.

Anyway, I do happen to live with someone amazing this year, unlike previous Easters, and as such I actually got an Easter egg for once. A treadition long dead in my family since I turned, oh I don’t know, twelve? It now, however, makes a grand return at the tender age of 25 26.

Instead of a boring egg I instead received a brain egg. I’m unsure of why, but I’ll just assume she thinks I’m very intelligent. And too good for normal eggs.

It also came complete with Game of Thrones memorophilia. Can’t really go wrong there.